do it: get a christmas tree

do it

Rockefeller Center

This is going to be my third Christmas since I moved to NYC. Time flies! Last Christmas I was living in a studio apartment in Brooklyn, so now that my living room doesn't work the night shift as my bedroom, I wanted to get a tree. I got a little 4' tree and some decorations, and my mum brought me the tree skirt I made back in the day when she visited Saturday. I had to get kitty-proof ornaments (read: no glass) and so far Lily has only pulled 2 bells off to play with. I was really excited to decorate-- I've been downloading Christmas songs for days, and even bought Swiss Miss, whipped cream, and a blue tin of cookies like my nana used to buy.

Can't wait to start wrapping presents! (Although I'm going to have to move the cats off the fleece to make room for them.) I hope everyone is enjoying all of the magic the city has to offer during the holiday season! It's my favorite time of year, for sure.

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