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I'm officially on vacation! I've been wanting to put a crazy streak in my hair for a long time, and finally just did it. First I bleached my hair (again!) and I got it lightened up to the white-blonde that I've been shooting for. The violet streak is very bright, but it fades with every wash.

My mum has a timeshare in the Bahamas at this time every year. I asked for this week off from work ages ago, then decided about a month ago that I didn't have the money to buy a plane ticket. My mum was disappointed I couldn't go, and it was shaping up to be just her and my brother on the trip. I was gearing up for a week-long staycation in the Big Apple when my friend offered to lend me the cash to get a plane ticket and fly down to meet my family! Amazing! I told my brother to expect me, but we're keeping it a secret from my mum... I'm hoping to capture a very surprised reaction on my video camera when I show up on the beach Sunday! 

(And I'll reluctantly be saying goodbye to the violet streak before going back to work on the 20th.)

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