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My mum came to the city with a few friends for the day to do some sightseeing and hang out. I got to pick where we had lunch, and since we were near Bryant Park I brought the ladies over to Celsius. Last year I went ice skating at the pond and stopped in at Celsius for a drink afterwards. The atmosphere there is fabulous, with gorgeous lighting and views of the park and skating rink. While we were waiting for a table I ordered a snowcap to warm up-- yum! I was amped to try 'em for lunch, and with five of us, we got to split a few different plates. 

I got the BBQ chicken sandwich, and had some of the macaroni and cheese. Totally hit the spot. Their menu is fairly small, but still has a decent variety-- mostly comfort food, which is my fave. Can't wait to get my ice skates sharpened and hit up the rink And I'll definitely be dropping by Celsius again-- maybe this time for dessert!

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