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After work today I went to Williamsburg for a cupcake meetup at Pinkerton Wine Bar. Pinkerton is a recent addition to North 6th Street, and has a modest menu of beer, wine, a few sodas, and olive and cheese plates. There's some outdoor seating, which will definitely be a draw when it warms up a bit. The small bar and dark wood furniture indoors seat about 20 people. It's dimly lit with candles and a stained glass chandelier that came with the space; it has a very cozy vibe. The painting behind the bar was also a leftover from the previous tenant, and the owner, Tom, mused about its origin. "People think that boy is me. Does it look like me?"

I'm not going to pretend to be a wine connoisseur, but I had a glass of Heartland pinot grigio that was fab. I would go back if I happened to be in Williamsburg again... it's a bit out of my way to make a trip just for wine, but the place was welcoming and Tom was a good host. 

For the meetup, cupcakes were provided by Lux Sugar and cakelab. I had a vanilla/vanilla cupcake from Lux Sugar (pictured top left) and was surprised to see glitter in the frosting. I looove cupcakes and have never seen glitter in baked goods... curious what it's made of. The frosting was good though- that's always my litmus test for good cupcakes. The minis were from cakelab, and the s'mores (pictured bottom left) were delish! I regretably had dinner before the meetup, so that was it for me on the cupcake front. Other flavors included caramel, banana pudding, red velvet, carrot... cupcake overload! (I still have half of my birthday cupcake in the fridge...) So tell me, who bakes the best cupcakes in NYC? I'm compiling a list and seriously intend to do a taste test this summer. (Cue the sugar rush! o_O) In the meantime stop by Pinkerton for a glass of wine and say hello to Tom.

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