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do it

I was sorta dreading this birthday... this is the first year I didn't have any family around or a big birthday dinner planned. I guess it's a bit childish, but doesn't everyone kinda want their birthday to be a big deal?? All things considered, I'm a super lucky girl and have only a year-long-relationship-turned-garbage to be down about. Everything else is fab! Really! I have an ahmazing apartment with a crazy view of the city, my family totally rocks, I'm having a blast with my blog and creative projects, and even though most of them don't live here in NYC, I do have a lot of really great friends! I went into work feeling pretty down this morning, and there was a card on my desk from Brian. He made a contribution to my Paris fund, which is very much appreciated! I got lots of texts, calls and FB wall messages, then Evan called and sang happy birthday to me at lunchtime, which made me smile big! And I got flowers delivered from my dad...

And the mail was delivered and my calling cards from Happy Girl Greetings and pouches from SeabreezeStudio arrived...


And then I went out for a beer at Ginger Man with my co-workers...


(That's Mojo with his "umbrella drink" haha!

I stopped at a flower shop in the subway and bought myself some lilacs. (My neighbor has some growing in her yard, and every time I pass by and breathe in that lovely scent I seriously consider a midnight recon mission to her yard with my best scissors...)


Then I stopped at Magnolia and got myself a cupcake and candle. (I also got some cookies in case I had any visitors tonight, but no one stopped by... more cookies for me!)


Then I got home and checked my mail and had a birthday card from Emma, who is absolutely the sweetest!

(BTW Emma, that sounds like a phenomenal idea!)

And Lily helped me blow out my candle and make a wish...

Then a friend of mine (absolutely horrified at the news that I was home alone tonight and my ex found someone new to entertain him on Saturday night) made plans to take me out on Thursday to the MOMA, birthday dinner, and to watch some baseball. Happiness! I've been far too focused on the tiny negatives and have let them ruin my whole attitude. Here's to a 27th year filled with happy people who care about me, creative adventures, amazing travels, and new experiences! Yay!

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