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I got four orchestra tickets from a friend to see In the Heights. I had already seen it, but I really enjoyed it the first time, so I got together a few friends to go with me. There were quite a few differences in the cast, which made for a different experience this time around. The show tells the story of three summer days in Washington Heights, following colorful and sometimes comical characters as they sing, dance and rap their way through the streets. The ensemble performances are flawless, and the lead characters are endearing and emotional as they experience love and loss in the shadow of the GWB. I haven't seen many Broadway shows, but I think it's safe to say it's unlike anything you've seen on Broadway before. The energy is off the charts, and the story offers a contemporary slice of life in NYC.

The show is ending its Broadway run on January 9, so definitely go see it if you have the opportunity!

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