love it: weekend with mum

love it

I spent the weekend on Cape Cod with my family. I think I'm a New Yorker for life, but a weekend on the Cape is always a nice change of pace. Saturday I spent the morning with my brother who was killing me with DJ Pauly D impressions ("oh yah")... makes me laugh until I cry every time I see him. Then I went with my nana, mum and aunt to see my grandad at the nursing home. He's always got something funny to say when I see him. My nana asked him how he liked my new short haircut. He answers "she looks like Ella Cinders." None of us know what he's talking about, so I google her, and he's right! Ha!

I wore my new booties allll weekend... so in love. They're adorbs! They're part of my "New York clothes"- which are basically items of my wardrobe that I would never have bought if I lived on the Cape. These shoes absolutely fall into that category.

I always get to pick where we eat... and I drank more shirley temples than I can count!

I was searching my mum's basement for my ice skates and came across a stack of old photos... including this one of my first day of undergrad. I look absolutely thrilled that my parents are about to leave me there.

I didn't find my skates (booo) so Sunday my mum and I went shopping and she bought me a brand new pair! Woohoo!

I can't wait to get 'em sharpened and try them out at Bryant Park! So amped! My mum and I always laugh so much... it's exactly what I needed this weekend. This morning we went out for breakfast and a friend of hers introduced us to a very handsome guy from New York. We left before them, and she tells me to leave my card on his truck. So I did, and later got a text from the owner of said truck... totally not the same guy. Whoops! We died laughing. Was a great weekend, but I was still pretty smiley getting off the bus and seeing this:

There's no place like home! 

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