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I was first introduced to Julian Velard's music a few weeks ago when Hugo and I wandered into Rockwood after leaving a show at Mercury Lounge. Julian was finishing up his set, playing Love Again for the First Time, A DreamJoni, and Jimmy Dean & Steve McQueen. I was hooked! I downloaded a ton of his music over the next few days, and saw that he had an upcoming tour- including two more nights at Rockwood. (His shows are tomorrow and Saturday night, just $5 at the door!) I tracked him down on twitter and he agreed to do a lil Q&A for ya! (You're welcome):

1. Gimme five random facts about you.
1) I can't do that thing with my tongue where it curls horizontal like a fruit roll up, you know, the thing everyone on earth can do
2) I used to be a Pre-Kindergarten Gym Teacher for 3 years.
3) I am a terrible waiter
4) Like bright colored socks
5) Have very very very big feet (size 13 quadruple E width)

2. Favorite song to perform? At the moment, I'm really digging on Genesis' "That's All". Phil, as they say in London, writes some CHOONES!

3. Sort your iTunes library by play count... what's the most played song? I Get Along Without You Very Well by Sinatra. I don't remember playing it 100 times. I think my computer is trying to tell me something.

4. Favorite meal to make for yourself? Oatmeal. That's about all I can do. Been a bachelor for too long.

5. What do you see when you look out your window? A parking lot.

6. Favorite tourist spot in NYC? Toss up between The Cloisters/Fort Tryon Park and The Empire State Building. Going up to the 102nd floor, not the 86th, and watching the sunset is one of the most incredible sights ever. Did I mention I'm a cheeseball?

7. Who or what inspires you most? Steve McQueen. Did you have to ask?

8. Favorite sports team? New York Lebronabockers. Oops. I meant the Knicks.

9. What superpower would you most like to possess? Whatever Magneto has. That or Green Lantern's power. If I remember correctly, he creates big green energy that looks like a lantern. Amazing.

10. Favorite NYC restaurant? Difara's Pizzeria down on Avenue J in Midwood.  Not really a restaurant, but it's the best Pizza this Upper West Side boy has ever had.

11. Favorite dessert? Love me some Creme Brulee.

12. You get to go anywhere for a week, all expenses paid... where you headed? Somewhere hot that I haven't been before. Greece or the Sahara.

13. Which 80's cartoon character would you most identify with? Good question. Most days I feel like Shipwreck from G.I. Joe, the marine with the parrot on his shoulder. I identify with him most in the Synthoid Conspiracy Episodes (a 2 part series). Shipwreck has a secret formula burned into his brain by a russian scientist and is knocked unconscious in a sinking ship. He wakes to find himself in a home on an Island with a wife and a kid. The war with Cobra has ended and he's the savior. All the G.I. Joes work on the Island, retired now that the war is over. It turns out to be a plot by Cobra to get at the information in his brain. His family and friends are just clay copies that melt in extreme heat.

Welcome to my world.

14. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? First a carpenter. Then a baseball player.

15. Biggest pet peeve? Clipping toenails on the subway. Don't do it.

16. Favorite breakfast food? Oatmeal. I cook it myself.

17. You just had a 5-star evening- what happened? Played a gig with Tom Waits and Bob Dylan in the audience, met Scarlett Johansson for a drink, then went home with Punky Brewster.

18. Favorite guilty pleasure? Huey Lewis and The News

19. You're at Starbucks- whatcha drinking? Decaf Soy Latte. Lame I know

20. Someone has 1 day to experience NYC. What do you recommend they do? Just walk around. Don't take the subway. Finish it with the 102nd floor observatory atop the Empire State at sunset while playing "I'm Not In Love" through your iPhone speakers. Wipe the single tear with the pedals from the rose you bought for yourself. NYC in a nutshell.

I'm actually going to both of Julian's shows, tomorrow and Saturday, so come keep me company and hear some awesome live music! It's definitely gonna be a great show. It starts at 9p, but get there early to grab a beer and a seat! And in the meantime, brush up on your JV before the show: myspace, facebook, iTunes. I'll post a show recap Friday night/Saturday morning!

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