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Saturday night I walked from Spring St to Union Square via Broadway. I love all of the indie shops and designer kitsch on that leg of Broadway- but was drawn from the storefronts to the streets. Souped up ice cream trucks were slinging everything from 80s-inspired goodies to cupcakes to tees. Colorful, whimsical things are absolutely my cup of tea, and these trucks put a smile on my face. 

Passing the HeartsChallenger truck brought me back to my days of Jem and the Holograms, Rainbow Brite, and slap bracelets. Layers of shelves inside the truck stock a bit of everything: candies, glowsticks, toys, music, bracelets, tshirts and dart guns. Oh yeah, and they sell ice cream too. 

Johnny Cupcakes, Cookies N Cream... apparently I like my tshirts sweet! Being a huuuge Johnny Cupcakes fan (see the JC tat I got here) I was a little skeptical at first that this line wasn't treading on JC's creative turf. Checking them out further on their website, they do have original ideas and their own style, despite some glaring similarities (the "baked in ny" rolling pin on the cookie mob shirt in particular). That aside, I do like the playfulness and color-overload of their designs. Having such a huge entrepreneurial spirit myself, I really do appreciate when people take their passion to the next level and make things happen. (I actually have my own clothing line on hiatus in the wake of losing my graphic artist). CNC also makes designer toys, a la kid robot. Pretty fun stuff.

And lo and behold, some street vendors still sell food! Cupcakes are just about the best treat ever, so if you're lucky you'll run into the Cupcake Stop truck. They park their truck in various locations around the city- you can see their schedule here. Get a full-size cupcake in your fave flavor or get a bunch of minis to sample. With flavors like Nutella Crunch, Fluffernutter and Elvis, you'll have no trouble finding something new and interesting to try.

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