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Clockwise from top left: 42nd St. by Kenneth Kudulis, Floating by Claire Waters Marcus, So Many Hours to Live by Natalie Mammone, Looking South by Diego A. Heckadon

Want a piece of your artwork displayed for sale in a NYC gallery? With $20 and some artistic skill, you totally can! The 6x6 project displays a new collection of artwork each month at Charmingwall- their gallery on West 4th St. To participate, you need to pick up a gallery submission package (here's where your $20 comes in) which includes a 6"x6" canvas for you to use. Dress up your canvas any way you see fit, then return it to the gallery. Your artwork will be featured in the next month's show at Charmingwall, and will also be featured in their online gallery for 3 months. You set the price of your artwork, and if it sells, you get an 80% cut of the selling price! I'm definitely tempted to give it a try myself... as soon as I pull together a good idea, I'm going for it! (I'm thinking a screenprinted, mixed-medium collage print... like newspaper clips, black screenprinting over it, with a gritty urban vibe.) Send me a link or photo of your submitted artwork and I'll feature it here on FR! And if you're not the artsy type, you can still go down to Charmingwall any day of the week, 12-7p, to check out the gallery and support up-and-coming artists.

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