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eat it

I HATE being hot. But living in NYC in the summertime, being hot and sticky is inevitable. I can rarely bring myself to cook when the temps are flirting with 90 degrees. The last thing I want to do is turn on my oven and add to the sweltering heat in my apartment. (I try to limit the A/C use to when I'm sleeping... just using it overnight doubles my electric bill... eek!). Here are a few of my go-to summer food staples that don't involve cooking. 

When it's really hot out I don't want to eat anything heavy- I crave refreshing and light foods. This is one of my fave meals for those times. I slice up fresh watermelon and bananas, toss in some granola, and drizzle with honey. Growing up working summers in the hot kitchen at my dad's restaurant, this is what I brought for lunch almost every day. So good!

A good (and quick!) dinner that I make is chicken caesar wraps. I cheat and buy the bagged caesar salad kits that come with the dressing and cheese. To eliminate the need for cooking, I buy Perdue Short Cuts- sliced, grilled chicken breast that's all ready to go. Get yourself a stack of wraps, mix up the salad, throw on some chicken, and enjoy!

I don't have an enormous appetite- especially in the summer. Sometimes I just want a little snack. I like to make my own trail mix and keep it in a canister in the fridge. Nuts and dried fruits can be surprisingly pricey (this girl's on a serious budget!) but I like to pick and choose what's in my mix rather than buy one already made. I usually mix up vanilla yogurt-covered raisins, craisins, and almonds. It's a much better alternative to potato chips and actually fills you up a bit.

I drink a LOT of iced tea. I use Lipton diet/unsweetened powder mix and Country Time lemonade powder mix to make my own arnold palmer half & half by the gallon. Lemon slices and raspberry ice cubes get added to the pitcher, and heart-shaped ice cubes finish it off. Ahhh!

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