love it: rain means rainbows {miami day 4}

love it

can you see it?

I came to Miami to get away from New York. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love NYC... there are just people and things there that I needed some distance from for a bit. I've had a pretty crappy year, to put it nicely, and thought some time away from everything would recharge me. I've been in Miami a few days now, and it has rained every single day. One might be bummed out about a rainy vaca, especially while trying to get a tan. But after every rainstorm, there has been a rainbow. Great big, wide rainbows... stretching over the ocean or the highway or the bay. The message here isn't lost on me: rain means rainbows. Whether the storms are 10 minutes of downpouring, freezing cold rain (like this afternoon) or hours of cloudy drizzle, it never fails- there's a rainbow. I've only got one more day here, then I hop on a plane Thursday morning to head back to Queens. I'm not new and improved, I'm not free of worry or stress, and I haven't met any fabulous men. But I've learned to look for rainbows. That's a good enough take-away from this trip, no?

I was on the beach not 15 minutes today and it started to downpour... then I saw a rainbow (pictured above)

I packed up my beachbag and retreated across the street for lunch. I ordered a super healthy chicken stir fry with uber-veggies.... then got this massive chocolate cake for dessert. And ate almost all of it.

I got back to my hotel and the weather had cleared a bit. The pool was deserted. I sat and read several chapters of Eat, Pray, Love then went for a night swim. Was so peaceful having the entire place to myself.

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