eat it: lecca lecca gelato {miami day 3}

Anyone who watched season 2 of Jersey Shore while they were in Miami (the shame and horror, I know) are familiar with Lecca Lecca gelateria in South Beach. The JS cast worked there during their stint in MIA, scooping SoBe's best gelato. I got a cup of mint chip and it was fab!!

I walked around for a bit, checking out the shops. The cabbie was so pumped to show me the "designer strip" of stores and boutiques... I kinda smiled and nodded, thanking him for the tip. I didn't come here to shop, obviously... a staycation in NYC would have been the way to go for that. I did take a few pics of some stores- the buildings down here give the stores such a different vibe than they have in New York.

I took a cab back to my hotel after my gelato and stayed in for the night. I'm doing far less clubbing and drinking here than I expected (read: none). For one, most clubs here have a cover of $50... I can't imagine what the drinks cost. Not to mention I'm not staying on South Beach, and the cab fare is $20 each way. A pricetag of $90 on the evening before ordering a drink is a bit silly to me. So rather than relying on my dance moves to get me through the Miami nights, I've been streaming Netflix on my laptop.

Every night since I got here there has been an incredible thunderstorm. I'm used to Northeastern thunderstorms that pass by fairly quickly. The storms over Biscayne Bay each night last hours. My hotel room is all glass sliders on the back wall, and I have to shut the curtains during the storms-- the lightning is blinding. Now to illustrate my point (yes, I tend to be dramatic, but I'm serious here) I videotaped a few minutes of the storm and took some stills out to share:

a flash like this would precede every lightning bolt

Two more beach days left! I hope tomorrow's weather holds up.

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