love it: new york city (part 2)

love it

I've been working my little bum off since I got home from work and ::finally:: have my new project site to share with you! I've been a veritable mess lately, as witnessed by my posts regarding my less-than-perfect apartment and my tweets about general frustration with the daily grind. Every once in a while when things start to pile up, it's easy to feel like the city is conspiring against you. She definitely has an energy all her own... she's capable of inspiring you and giving you those magical "new york city moments", but she'll also kick you when you're down. If you want to be a new yorker, you have to just go with the rollercoaster ride and hang on tight. I love new york. I've been here 2 years and definitely consider this place my home. Sometimes I have to make mental lists- what I love about the city, everything I've learned and experienced since I got here, the amazing people I've met... I'm a lucky girl. I'm starting this project, Love for NYC, in an effort to collect and share the reasons why new york city is so special. She's so many things to so many people. 8 million of us, in fact. Every postcard I collect will be a reminder of why this city is the best there is.

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