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love it

I'm starting a new project that I'm super excited to share with everyone! Unfortunately, my bedroom ceiling is caving with the rainwater on the roof, so I'm doing cleanup and damage control this evening. I've been feeling pretty discouraged lately, one of those situations where it seems like everything is going wrong all at once. I randomly thought up this project idea last night after watching Amelie for the first time. The premise is that I absolutely whole-heartedly love New York City... but I need a reminder once in a while of just why I fell in love with this city in the first place. When times are tough (and trust me, living on your own in NYC, it happens frequently) I feel like the city is hating on me. Bad. The city will take all the love you have for it, but rarely does she love you back. (When she does, I call them my "New York Moments"). Tomorrow I'll be heading to SpaceCraft in Williamsburg after work for a little craft meetup. I plan on telling my fellow crafters there about my project and enlisting their help to get the ball rolling. When I get home I'll have lots to share with you! (And hopefully I'll be blogging from a warm, dry apartment by then!!)

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