hear it: wakey!wakey! & jukebox the ghost with pretty & nice

hear it

I have seen Wakey!Wakey! several times around the city, and saw Jukebox the Ghost open for Guster at the Beacon. They're both great bands, so when I saw them on the same ticket at Bowery Ballroom, I was amped! 

Pretty & Nice opened the show. They were good... and the guitarist (pictured right) looks so much like my dad circa 1986. Amazing. 

Mike Grubbs of Wakey is a fantastic musician. I could see them once a week and not get tired of listening to them. Their piano and violin driven tunes are full of emotion and sincerity. My faves include BrooklynCar Crash, and Almost Everything. They play fairly often in the city- I would highly recommend checking out a show!

Jukebox finally took the stage at 10:30p and didn't disappoint. They rocked the house for nearly 2 hours, playing every song of theirs I have on my iPod and more- which is an impressive collection of upbeat dance tunes, piano ballads and smile-inducing covers (hellooo Huey Lewis and the News and the Ghostbusters theme). Barely taking a breath between songs, they powered through song after song, not missing a beat. They're working on a new album that I can't wait to hear! Download Where Are All the Scientists Now?, Schizophrenia, So Let Us Create and Hold It In.

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