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When my hair started falling out due to my over-zelous bleaching, Marissa at Hair Metal saved the day. She has since cut my hair several times, and I trust her implicitly with my extra-short do. When I called the other day to make another appointment and heard that she had moved to another salon, I had a moment of panic. I've had some bad haircuts. And although I love Hair Metal, I didn't want to trust someone new... short hair is easy to jack up and hard to fix once it's messed up. Luckily, I found out she had moved to the High Horse Salon, which is near Hair Metal in Williamsburg. 

The place has a relaxed vibe with quiet folk and country music, a tiny spiral staircase to a downstairs shampoo room, and most importantly- Marissa! I would absolutelly recommend her for a cut or color. She's so worth the trip on the L and the short romp from the Bedford subway station to Havemayer and Hope.

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