hear it: hugo's "ready"

hear it

What better way to celebrate your birthday than piano-rocking out with Hugo? Allie and I headed over to Mercury Lounge after dinner at Beauty & Essex to catch Hugo's show and "Ready" album release. His shows are always high-energy and fun, and this was no exception. (I even got a "Happy Birthday Alice" shout-out!) He had his usual band plus a few guests, including Greg Mayo

Highlights for me were Hatari and Kuru, my fave tracks from his new album. Halfway through the show he pulled out a keytar, and then rocked out the national anthem on it. Epicness. Was a great show and a fun way to get the birthday party started! Hugo gave everyone who pre-ordered tickets a copy of the album, which is in heavy rotation on my iPod. After the show we headed to the 13th Step for a little after-party action and birthday shots with Hugo. 

Download Ready on iTunes and definitely get yourself to a show next time he plays in NY!

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