eat it: beauty & essex

eat it

I've been wanting to go to Beauty & Essex for months! Allie surprised me with birthday dinner reservations and took me out to celebrate. In case you've been under a rock, Beauty & Essex fronts as a tiny pawn shop on Essex St on the LES...

...but you walk past Dorothy's red shoes, vintage vinyl and the owner's guitar collection, and step through that back door into this:

The dining room is stunning! There is also a beautiful bar and lounge space, but we sat in the dining room and had a fabulous dinner. We ordered a bottle of prosecco and split the grilled apple pizzetta- a rectangular thin crust pizza with smoked bacon, bleu cheese and truffle honey. Sooo good! The menu is designed to split, but since I don't eat fish and Allie doesn't eat red meat, we ordered our own entrees. She ordered the branzino and I got the filet... both amazing. This was hands-down my favorite meal so far in NYC! Allie asked the waiter to bring over a molten chocolate bread pudding with a candle in it... we were already stuffed but the dessert was too good to pass up a few bites. It had a crisp shell on the top and was over-flowing with chocolate sauce and melting hazelnut ice cream. Delish! We hit up the ladies room on the way out to see if the rumors were true (It is! They totally serve champagne in the bathroom, ha!) and we were on to our next adventure of the evening...

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