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hear it

I went to a concert at the Bowery Ballroom last night, namely to see Civil Twilight. They opened for Company of Thieves, who I was vaguely familiar with before the show. AM Taxi came on first, and I was really impressed. They played a 45 minute set including Shake, Rattle and Stall, and they did a rockin' cover of Paint it Black, my very fave Stones song! They also did a song with Genevieve from Company of Thieves which was great. I saw Civil Twilight back in November and was blown away by their performance. I had high expectations last night and they did not disappoint. The same two songs that I absolutely loved the last time were the two standouts again last night- Perfect Stranger and Letters from the Sky... such moving live performances that made me an instant fan of theirs when I saw them open for Evanescence. They also covered Teardrop by Massive Attack and slayed it! Unbelievable. Everyone standing around me, who were mostly Civil Twilight virgins were gushing about how awesome they were. (I, however, stood there singing every word of their set thinking, "yeah, I know.") Seemed like a short set for them, which I was kinda sad about. Company of Thieves came out and I was almost immediately a fan. They have an incredible energy about them, especially Genevieve, their lead singer. She's this adorable, feisty bit of a thing that shook with excitement over selling out the Bowery and hearing everyone sing the songs along with her. Every song was another mental note to myself to download this track, until after 4 songs I just decided I needed their whole album. I wanted to go to the after-party at Angels and Kings, but didn't make it. I actually ended up leaving a bit before the end of Company of Thieves' set. The crowd was getting really pushy and obnoxious where I was standing near the stage, and I was there by myself. Amazing show by all three bands! Would absolutely jump at the opportunity to see all of them again.

Check out their albums on iTunes: AM Taxi, Civil Twilight, Company of Thieves. 

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