do it: alice in wonderland photo shoot (pt 1)

do it

I've been wanting to do an Alice in Wonderland photo shoot for a while now, and am finally making plans to do so. All I really needed was the gorgeous spring weather we've been having in NYC the past few days to jump-start my brainstorming. I've wanted to take the photos in the park, and obviously need a bit of sunshine for that. I'd like to do part of it on and around the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park. Tea with the March Hare? Sure! Of course the most important part of all this is the outfit... which I've given a lot of thought to. I want to be an alternative Alice... think Carroll's Alice with a goth/steampunk edge. I've been scouring etsy and faving lots of inspirational listings! A few of my very favorite items so far are pictured above... they're about 2 steps away from my etsy shopping cart (c'mon pay day!). The ornamental steampunk watch necklace by a second time is brilliant. Shout-out to the white rabbit. The knee-length tulle tutu by sisters of the moon comes in 20 different colors! This aqua blue is perfect. Okay... this pheasant feathered facinator... amazing! I'm in love with absolutely every item in bubbles & frown's shop. So much fun! The striped corset gloves by Dark Destiny are going to be perfect for my tea party shots- white porcelain teacups and black lace. Love it! With all of these fabulous accessories I'll be wearing a plan white top to try to balance out all of the feathers, stripes and jewels. Hopefully I can pull off this look! I've got a talented photographer lined up, and I'm aiming for the photos to be really whimsical and playful. I'll be spending the next couple weeks gathering all of these fine goodies and deciding whether to get a blonde wig or be adventurous and color my hair. I'll write a follow-up post about the shoot itself and share the album with you all the moment it's done!

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