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I've heard so much about ciao bella gelato, but never saw it in stores. I finally found a huge selection of it at D'Agostino on 3rd Avenue in my quest to find dipping chocolate for my Valentine's strawberries. They had pints and also little 3.5oz single-serving cups. The flavor that intrigued me the most was the coconut gelato (you can read about my coconut obsession here) but it was only in pints, so I opted to get the single-serving size so I could sample a few different flavors. I got the turkish pistachio gelato and 3 sorbets: blood orange, mango, and lemon. Yum! The little cups make portion control a non-issue, and they use all natural ingredients. I think their flavors are pretty exotic, especially compared to what else you get to choose from in the frozen foods aisle. (Plus it was born in 1983, like me!) Definitely a great little treat to have in your freezer.

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