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Like seemingly everything in my new-to-me apartment, my closets were a bit shabby looking when I moved in. Hence my clothes, shoes, and household things are still in boxes all over the place rather than tucked away in the 3 closets that I have. The shelves all had peeling contact paper, there were rogue hooks and nails all over the place, and the floors were splattered with paint. I went to Home Depot (my regular after-work haunt these days) and bought 2 rolls of contact paper- red and white for my living room and hallway closets, and blue and silver for my bathroom and bedroom. I started in the living room closet, wielding my hammer to pull out a dozen bent, painted nails. I swept the floor and pulled the shelves out, peeling as much of the old contact paper off as I could. I've never used contact paper, but I have a foggy memory of my mum using it back in the day. It's tacky enough to hold well, but not so sticky that you can't reposition it if you mess up. I wrapped the shelves like presents, putting the seams on the top of the shelves since I can only see the bottoms when they're in the closet.

I wedged the shelves back into position, and pulled out my trusty paintbrush and the white paint that I used for the bathroom ceiling. I painted the closet walls and then decided to paint the floor as well (security deposit be damned). It was already splattered with paint pretty badly, and I wanted it to look clean in there. I think it looks pretty good! I've already moved in my coats and board games, and tomorrow I'll toss my guitar amp in on that freshly painted floor. I'll clean up the other two closets before the weekend and once everything is stored inside, I'll finally be able to walk freely around my apartment! Small thrills, folks.

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