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I shudder to recall the number of times that I've left a spa after an eyebrow shaping with a red unibrow-- you know, the strip of raw skin laid to waste after a harsh waxing treatment. For a long time I accepted it, always carrying my giant Jackie-O sunglasses with me to cover up afterwards. Beauty is pain, right? Wrong.

At Go Green Organic Spa, they apply a calming lotion to the sensitive area around your eyebrows and let it hydrate your skin before waxing. The lotion provides a barrier between your skin and the wax, preventing the wax from tearing off a layer of skin. They use an organic wax formula that is gentle on your skin, while providing the results you expect from a professional eyebrow shaping.

Go Green's estheticians are all very professional and warm. They offer up a comprehensive menu of waxing, facials and massage therapy. The spa itself is a calm retreat from the outside world; bamboo, crystals and soft New Age music set the mood. The prices are serene too-- an eyebrow shaping will run you just $15. And you won't have to hide those pretty peepers afterwards, either.

Go Green Organic Spa is located at 365 Broome Street, and is open everyday from 11a-8p. Call (212) 966-3898 for an appointment or more info.

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