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Lo Res

I have a thing for unique shoes... I love wearing shoes that get people's attention, shoes that no one else has. I recently came across United Nude-- designer footwear that is sure to start conversations and draw glances your way. How amazing are these Lo Res pumps?! I would rock them in a heartbeat! I'm not sure about the rest though... what do you think? Would you wear any of these shoes?

Label Shoe by Dutch designer Antoine Peters (these pumps make me think of caution tape... I dig)

Block Pump Hi (I do like these but I'm wondering how frequently people would tell you your shoe is broken...)

Graffiti (if nothing else, people will stare at these to try to figure out what they say [...they say United Nude])

Loop Hi (these resemble mod furniture to me)

Eamz Pump (these are pushing it... how silly! attention getters for sure)

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