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After procrastinating all week, I spent my entire day packing. I have no internet or cable at my apartment, and it's driving me bananas! I came up to Union Square to do a quick post and to ride the Q Train over the Manhattan Bridge one more time. I will definitely miss that... such gorgeous views of the Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan. (Ray took a great photo of the sunset from the Q Train recently, you can see it on flickr.) It's kind of bittersweet, wrapping up my last night in Brooklyn. My new apartment in Astoria is amazing, so I am really excited to be moving. But Brooklyn is where I struggled and made it the past couple years, so it's always going to be extra special to me. And my apartment! 5G... my first apartment on my own. I was so proud to move in there... coming to NYC with $300 cash, no job, no friends in the city. It was really tough, but I've since gotten used to jumping into the deep end and learning how to swim. Aw, I'm getting all nostalgic. In the meantime, they keep coming over the loudspeaker at Barnes & Noble to countdown til closing. I better go get a good night's sleep... despite having 4 guys to help me tomorrow, I live on the 5th floor and the elevator's broken. Yikes! I'll be happy and very grateful once I'm all moved in tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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