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toast it

We woke up Saturday and I was anxious to do something. It was chilly and foggy with a threat of rain, so with the beach off the table we decided to take a drive out to the Blue Point Brewery. We picked up some snacks at the corner bodega and hit the road. We drove along the beach wherever possible, and stopped off at the BrickHouse Brewery for lunch. It's a little brewpub in Patchogue that has an extensive food menu and a variety of beers brewed in house by Blue Point's brewmaster, Mark Burford. From there we headed up the street to Blue Point. We drove right past it and had to turn around- it's a deceivingly small warehouse-looking building and you have to drive around back before it's even recognizable as a brewery.

see the little alien magnet stuck to the tank?

The tasting room was bustling with people clamoring for samples, and brewers played frisbee with patrons between picnic tables in the parking lot. Was a very cool, laid-back atmosphere there, and staff was super friendly and willing to answer questions, show you around (and invite you to join in on their frisbee game). If you've got wheels, it was a great way to spend an afternoon- and with a little more sunshine you could hit the beach while you're out there!

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