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My name is Alice and I'm a Lost fan ("Hi Alice!") heh, seriously though... I've been wrapped up in the series since the beginning, and was a bit worried about missing the series premiere without cable in my new place til next week (booo). I've heard good things about the weekly Lost parties at Professor Thom's in Union Square, however it appears they've been having plumbing issues lately and they weren't answering their phone yesterday. Ray found out they have Lost viewing parties at Studio Square in Astoria, which is conveniently within walking distance of my new place! We had been there in August for a reception in their upstairs event space (which is gorgeous!) and were really impressed with the place. The main floor is set up as a beer garden, with outdoor seating and a huge open indoor bar area. There's another smaller bar set off to the side where we ended up sitting. They had beer specials, including Dharma beer (?!) which we didn't try, but is interesting nonetheless.

I'm supposed to be getting my cable and internet installed on Tuesday, but I may end up heading down to Studio Square to watch it anyway. Plus it was nice to wander through Astoria a bit, which I intend to do a lot more often. Again, lemme know of any Astoria hot spots! 

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