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Tonight I went to see Intermezzo at the New York City Opera. The David H. Koch theater is gorgeous, and this time I was in the fourth ring, on the side (helloooo vertigo!). I was sitting on the orchestra level for the two operas I'd seen prior to this one, so it was pretty neat to actually be able to look down and see the orchestra playing. This opera was in English, which I was afraid would make it less "pretty", but I enjoyed it very much. (Plus it was nice to not have to read all of the supertitles... most of the dialog was discernible just my listening.

Intermezzo, by Richard Strauss, is an autobiographical story about a domestic comedy of errors he experienced with his wife. The wife in the opera, Christine, discovers a letter that is mistakenly sent to her husband. The letter appears to be from a mistress, and she immediately flies into a rage and threatens to divorce him, all the while carrying on an affair of her own. 

The show was really visually stunning- the costumes were amazing (Christine's dressing gowns and capes were my favorite!) and the set was brilliantly constructed. The opera is divided up into many small scenes, and some present challenges for realization on a stage- tobogganing? Ice skating? They pulled it off- snowball fights and all. (There was also a very large Louis Vuitton clothing trunk that I desperately want... even if the LV logo was painted on by the set designers, ha!) All in all it was a very honest, often comedic performance. Bravo NYC Opera!

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