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I was invited to a screening of Catfish tonight! When I first watched the trailer I was a little skeptical- like, was this really a documentary? I've been hearing a lot of underground rumbling about this flick, and was afraid it was a Blair Witch take on "documentary". But no, this is actually a play-by-play account of what happens when Nev starts an online relationship with Megan... and subsequently her family and friends. After growing skeptical of a few odd details, he arrives in her hometown to meet her face to face- and you won't believe what happens.

I think I experienced the most suspense I've ever felt while watching a film. Because it's real. You're learning things and the story is unfolding for you as the viewer at the same time that it is revealing itself to the 3 guys making the film. It's funny, shocking, a bit scary, and I think says a lot about the way we communicate with the world around us.

So many of us take people at face value and are intrinsically trusting over the internet. We communicate with people we've never met every single day- over IM, Facebook, dating websites, forums, blogs and Twitter. After speaking with them for a while, you feel like you know them. You trust them. I admit I'm definitely one of those people. I have two friends who I speak to nearly every day online who I've never met in my life. And I met my last boyfriend on Craigslist (and we dated for a year).

The film opens Friday in select theaters around the city, and I'm telling you- see it. It will keep you on the edge of your seat and make you take a second look at the way you live online. 

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