make it: thin mint milkshake

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When my dad came down to help me move a couple weeks ago I was lamenting over not finding girl scout cookies in NYC. Yesterday I got a package at my office- he sent me FIVE boxes! Holy sugar overload. After work I went over to the library to return The White Queen (read it... I thought it was better than the Other Boleyn Girl). After that I went over to Duane Reade and got some nail polish and ice cream. These shakes are super quick to make and absolutely delicious! 

 I used vanilla ice cream, I don't like chocolate ice cream (gasp!). I've seen some recipes suggest mint ice cream, but I think that'd be overkill... the cookies made it perfectly minty. I also used soy milk, which tasted no different from a regular milkshake. (I'm the pickiest eater evvver... I'd tell you if the soy wrecked it.) Anyway, definitely whip one of these up! I may kill my pint of ice cream making another one tonight while I watch Paper Heart.

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