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Sun tea is the epitome of summer for me. Now that I have a sweet makeshift veranda (i.e. my fire escape) I've been brewing batches in the afternoons while I kick around my apartment. 

I can't begin to count how many batches of sun tea we made in my nana's backyard back in the day. My nana is British, and I grew up drinking cups and cups of tea with her at the kitchen table. In the summer though, it was too hot to sit around inside drinking hot tea and eating cookies. We would move everything outdoors and make sugary sweet batches of sun tea, patiently waiting for it to brew in the blazing Cape Cod sun. Just like my nana always had cookies in the cookie jar, my grandad always had a box of ice cream cones and at least 3 flavors of ice cream. Grandad would scoop ice cream for all of us, and we'd keep checking on the tea. In the meantime we'd steal sugar cubes from the bowl on the table to give to the neighbor's horses that came running when we whistled.

When the tea was finally ready, we'd divide it up among at least half a dozen glasses, washing down our melting strawberry and mint ice cream. Such good times I had with my family, and this is great tea that still brings me back to those days. Miss you guys!

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