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This weekend I went to a huge birthday BBQ in Jersey and brought mac n cheese. My mum's recipe is super popular... whenever I ask what I can bring, the answer is always mac! It takes some time to make it from scratch, but it's so worth it (and will last a week in the fridge-- hellooo leftovers!). 

Patience making the cheese sauce is the key-- if you wait for the milk to simmer before adding it to the roux you get a much thicker sauce. (I use skim, but you can use whole milk if you want a creamier cheese sauce.) Also, go easy on the heat with the sauce... I've burned it before and had to start over. This recipe is for what my mum calls "party size" but I've halved it when feeding fewer people. I grew up eating mac n cheese and linguica dogs, and this stuff has always been major comfort food for me. (Does anyone know where to buy linguica in nyc?! I have yet to find it... so sad. I'm missing my Portuguese food staples!) If you make it, lemme know how it turns out!

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