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I had a most unproductive weekend... relaxing, fun, just-what-I-needed, but unproductive. Last night I managed to do something "blogable"- I made chocolate-dipped coconut biscotti. Yum! I know, another coconut recipe... I couldn't help it! I'm sure you could get creative with the recipe and substitute something else if coconut doesn't suit your fancy. The recipe above is for plain biscotti, but I sweetened it up a bit and dipped them in chocolate since I had two containers of Baker's dipping chocolate that Brian found for me. This recipe is fairly easy to make, it just takes quite a bit of time (baking time alone is a total of an hour!). I didn't eff up these cookies, as I've made them before, but as always I'll share a few tips. Once all ingredients are combined, the dough is very (very!) sticky. You'll need quite a bit of flour to manage to knead the dough and get it dry enough around the edges to pat it into a loaf shape on the cookie sheet. You can see from my photos the consistency of the dough and also how it is shaped to bake. Also, I cut mine a bit thick, which makes them a small challenge to eat (helloooo crumbs!). If you're looking to be polite or have these at a tea party, cut them into thinner, more manageable pieces. Without the chocolate they have just a small hint of sweetness. I like to have them with my tea (which I take with milk and sugar) so the chocolate was an indulgent little addition on my part. Enjoy!

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