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The Sketchbook Project: 2011

Soon a book of mine will be available at the library! Nope, I haven't published my novel yet, but this is just as rad. I'm participating in Art House Co-op's Sketchbook Project this year! For $25 and a little imagination and doodling, you can participate too. You get a moleskine notebook with a barcode and a pocket on it. The barcode will allow you to track your notebook once you submit it to the project. The pocket is for your business card, website link, whatever you want to put in there to identify yourself as the artist. The sketchbooks will go on a national tour before taking up permanent residency at the Brooklyn Art Library. You will be able to see how often your sketchbook is browsed through, and by whom. What an awesome interactive art experience! I can't wait to get my notebook and start working on it. The deadline to sign up is October 31, so hurry! To learn more, check out the Art House Co-op website.

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