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I've been a fan of Johnny Cupcakes for years now. Johnny "Cupcakes" Earle started selling tshirts out of the trunk of his car in 2001. People went crazy for his cupcakes and crossbones logo and designs, and in 2006 Johnny opened a shop on Newbury Street in Boston. The shop looks like a bakery- with glass display cases and a giant mixer. Everything he makes is limited edition which ups the demand for his gear. He's always planning awesome events for his fans, and has embarked on a nationwide tour to meet and hang out with his loyal followers. Last night was the first stop, and he set up a pop-up shop at 25 Howard Street in SoHo. I'm familiar with the crowds that Johnny draws, so I changed into my JC Sox tee at work and got in line at 6p with about 100 people in front of me. Johnny rolled up at 6:30 in his cupcake mobile, blasting music from Peewee's Big Adventure. Silliness!

He had to circle around the block and then played us another tune while parallel parking...

Doors opened at 8p, and by that time the line went onto the next block. There were limited edition tour tshirts for sale (natch) and Johnny spent a generous amount of time with every single person who came out to see him. It was finally my turn at 11:45p- almost a 6 hour wait!- but so worth it. We chatted about the tour schedule and he signed a NYC Love postcard for my project! I also asked him to draw his logo signature on my wrist, which he did... and I got it inked today!! (More on that coming soon in a separate post!) I left at midnight and there were still about 100 more people waiting to get in. He promised to stay until everyone got a chance to buy a shirt (or six) and chat him up. He deserves every bit of success that he has! Such a fun night- thanks Johnny!!

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