love it: hot chocolate festival

love it

When I heard that City Bakery was having a month-long hot chocolate festival, I had to swing by after work. Each day in February they have a different hot chocolate flavor for you to try. Tonight's was Moulin Rouge-- a dark, rich blend of cocoa with a tang of fruit-- like dark chocolate-covered strawberries! Their homemade marshmallow squares are incredible, and their chocolate chip cookies among the best I've ever had. That said, a small hot chocolate with marshmallow and a cookie ran me $9, which seemed exorbitant. The place was bustling and the staff seemed annoyed when I tried to order my hot chocolate from the woman who I saw making it ("she is not to be bothered")... my mistake. The uniqueness of the flavors available for the remainder of the month still may draw me in one more time (sunken treasure hot chocolate?!) but I'll have it to go, sans cookie, and save myself $3 and the snooty attitude.

City Bakery hours: mon-fri 7:30a-7p; sat 8a-7p; sun 10a-6p.

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