love it: halloween weekend

hear it

I had a pretty amazing, eventful weekend! After seeing Guster and Jukebox the Ghost on Friday night, and going apple picking Saturday afternoon, I went to see Civil Twilight, Crash Kings and Anberlin at Irving Plaza. This was my 4th time seeing Civil Twilight- I absolutely love them! They put on an incredible show, as always, and hung out with fans afterwards.

I got a photo with the whole band to replace the one I had with just Steven and Rich, and they signed a poster for me that I'll definitely be framing. Crash Kings had a super energetic performance as well, and managed to play a cover of War Pigs without a guitar. Their frontman has a whammy bar on his keyboard- I've never seen anything like it! 

Anberlin was great- another band I was unfamiliar with, but I enjoyed their show. Saturday was a super full day, and I was completely exhausted come Sunday morning. I spent Halloween being pretty lazy (the best way to spend a Sunday, in my opinion) and met up with a friend for a couple beers at Studio Square. Before heading out to meet him, I caught this out my window:

Hope everyone had an equally fabulous Halloween weekend!

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