love it: faces by felix morelo

love it

Walking down Broadway in Astoria, my best friend and I came across a man scooting down the sidewalk on a milkcrate, drawing faces on the sidewalk with chalk. Every 10 faces he would number and sign. When we bumped into him he was scrawling "330 faces by Felix Morelo" and kept going. If people stopped to talk to him, he would add chat bubbles to a face and give shoutouts ("Hi Molly!") As we walked closer to the Broadway train station, we saw that that's where he started... leading people off the train with a trail of faces, then numbering them when he hit the sidewalk. Curious how many he'd drawn, my friend walked down Broadway later. The line of faces stretched as far as Morelo could go- to the water. He ended on 1160 faces at Socrates Sculpture Park. I wonder how long it took him.

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