love it: cupcakes and cupid {london day 1}

love it

I landed in London at 9am local time after 3 hours of sleep and still on NYC time of 4am. I found my apartment in Brixton with some help from my hostess, who picked me up at the train station. I little sprucing up and I was back out the door to take in all I could of London, since I'm only here for two days. I was feeling very tired and overwhelmed, so my first mission was to find Johnny Cupcakes' London store. The people working there were rad and I picked up a London exclusive shirt-- a tea cup, natch.

I did a double-decker bus tour, which wound up being a really fab way to see all of the main attractions in a short time. Plus I got to stake out places that I wanted to spend more time exploring tomorrow. Saw London Bridge, Big Ben, Kensington Palace, Somerset House, the London Eye... plus all kinds of art and monuments-- including Eros. 

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