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love it

Am I happy to see you or is that a poppy on my page?! Well, both! (If you can't see the Poppy, click the header on my blog... it's only on my homepage!) Coach has launched the Poppy Project, and Poppy Patterns are growing all over the web. To make them grow, you have to tweet! Once you tweet with my hashtag, my Poppy Pattern here will grow and you and I can both with some sweet prizes from Coach! To get in on the action, tweet the following:

Grow, Poppy! Grow! #CoachPoppy #FollowRabbits

Or you can just click on the Poppy plant on my page and it will give you a link to tweet. Please participate! Want more deets? Here's the whole story, which you can also see over on the Coach Poppy Project site:

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