love it: 80s fashion re-runs

love it

What's in fashion today will eventually be in fashion again. Even the most ridiculous trends seem to make their way back into the mainstream after ages in the closet. Here are some of my fave 80s trends that people are rocking now:

I was obsessed with Swatch watches growing up (I even had a Swatch watch nightgown...). So many patterns and colors... and they're making a serious comeback. Not sure if layering them up will ever be cool again, but you never know...

 Ray Ban wayfarers were the sunglasses in the 80s. Rising to peak popularity with Tom Cruise wearing them in Risky Business in '83, wayfarers were reintroduced by Ray Ban in 2007 after a surge in vintage wayfarer trends.

In the 80s, if it was neon, it was automatically cool. Everyone is wearing Converse these days, and neons are in! (green, blue, pink, yellow)

I was pretty leery about the "jeggings" trend, but I think it's growing on me. I'm not sure if I'd wear them with pumps, but I have had issues getting even my skinniest of skinny jeans into sleek fall boots. I'll definitely rock these with this year's knee-highs. (from left: juicy couture, GAPRalph Lauren)

I kinda love leg warmers. How many times have you gone out in the city wearing even your thickest of tights and been super chilly? I love wearing wool skirts and dresses with opaque tights and chunky pumps in the winter-- but sometimes it's just too damn cold. These new takes on an old trend give leg warmers an updated and chic look (go easy on the scrunching please, ladies). (from left: alexander wang, michael kors, etsy user montanaknitwit)

What 80s trends are you wearing? Which ones do you wish stayed in the 80s?

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