hear it: wakey!wakey! and jenny owen youngs

hear it

A friend recently turned me on to Wakey!Wakey!, so when I saw they were playing at Maxwell's in Hoboken, I was amped. When we got there we had to wait outside since the early show ran later than expected... the doorman really had no idea what was going on. That aside, the rest of the evening kicked ass! 

Jenny Owen Youngs opened the show. I was only vaguely familiar with her, because she and Wakey!Wakey! had covered one of each other's tracks to promote the tour. Jenny covered W!W!'s Dance So Good, and W!W! covered Jenny's Led to the Sea. Jenny's set was fantastic (made even better by the fact that she's hilarious...). Standouts of her performance: Last Person, Clean Break, and Fuck Was I. She's definitely on my list of musicians to watch- I'll be psyched for new music and future shows of hers. 

Wakey!Wakey! brought down the house- major singing along and shouting for them to play fave tunes. Everyone kept shouting "Brooklyn!" which was the song I was waiting for, when finally W!W! frontman Mike Grubbs assured the crowd "you know we're gonna do Brooklyn!" Before going to the show I only had 6 or 7 of their songs, and loved them all. They played my favorites- Twenty Two1876- The Brooklyn Theatre Fire, Car Crash and Almost Everything. They even covered Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Was a great night! Both Jenny and W!W! make really  beautiful music- if you haven't heard them, I encourage you to check them out!

There are some really great photos of the show by Colin Rieser here.

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