hear it: sara bareilles, cary brothers & holly conlan

hear it

I bought my ticket to see Sara Bareilles ages ago and have been counting down the days. I'm a huge Sara B fan, and have fallen in love with her new album, Kaleidoscope Heart. The show was at Webster Hall, and has been sold out for months- I got there 20 minutes before the doors opened and was still a ways from the stage. Sara came out to personally introduce her openers, Holly Conlan and Cary Brothers. They're friends from the LA music scene and were thrilled to be on tour together. Holly opened the show with a few songs, including You Are Goodbye. I discovered Holly on Pandora a couple years ago, and was pumped she was on the tour. Coincidently, You Are Goodbye and Sara's Gravity and Basket Case were all seriously played out on my iPod after a sad breakup this year. Was tough holding it together hearing them all performed live! Check out Holly's new single Stay.

I had never heard Cary Brothers before, and was really impressed (I downloaded three of his albums after the show!). He's got a homegrown sound and a boyishly charming stage presence. When he performed Honestly he announced he had "taken it back" from the girl he wrote it for because she was "bat shit crazy". Sara even joined him on stage for If You Were HereCheck out Belong and Ride.

Holly and Cary were both fabulous, but I was still psyched for Sara. She had such a down to earth personality and rapport with the audience. She performed her biggest hits (Love Song, Many the Miles) and my favorites from her new album. I was amped to hear Hold My Heart, Machine Gun, Let The Rain, and Gonna Get Over You. One of my favorite interview questions to ask people is: "Sort your iTunes library by playcount. What's your most played song?" My most played song is Gravity, so I was so happy she sang it (even though I admittedly got a little teary). She even covered Cee Lo Green's F**k You, which was hilarious. She's got an incredible voice, and was absolutely amazing live. 

Throughout the entire evening everyone was sharing the stage and backing each other up. Sara expressed her excitement at being able to bring her friends on tour. They have a very playful friendship between the three of them; it's evident they're having a blast on tour together.

For the finale, Sara invited everyone back out on stage and she climbed atop her piano. Really amazing show!!

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