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I bought a ticket to see KT Tunstall on a whim yesterday morning, and it was one of the best shows I've seen in NYC. I love the intimacy of ballroom shows, and Hiro is a really beautiful place. KT performed a solo acoustic set, promoting her new album slated for September, Tiger Suit. The album got its name from a recurring dream she had as a child, where she would go outside to her garden and find a tiger there, which she was able to touch. Upon later reflection, a young KT decided that if the tiger didn't eat her in the dream, it must have been because she was wearing a tiger suit, fooling the tiger.

With no opening act, the crowd was amped for the show when she came out at 9p. Using looping pedals to record 2-4 tracks of percussion and backing vocals before each song, she put on an amazing solo show. She sang One of my favorites of the night was a fabulous mix of Other Side of the World, from her last album:

She gave us a good taste of her new album, singing Push That Knot Away, Still a Weirdo, and Fade Like a Shadow (which will be the first single). Since it was just KT on stage, and the crowd was relatively quiet, she was able to tell stories and interact with the crowd between songs. Getting herself set up with the backing tracks before each song took a few minutes, so she provided a lot of silly commentary in between. Here's my favorite:

"So much has happened since I last put out a record, it's terrifying! I was looking for something to wear for this new campaign, and thought maybe I'd get some roadkill to put over my face..." {pause}{pause}{pause} "...you know I'm talking about Gaga."

Absolutely hilarious. Her sense of humor, down-to-earth demeanor, and- most importantly- her kickass voice and stage presence made me an even bigger fan than I was to begin with. I love when you go to a show and the sound you get is a quality above and beyond the album. KT's talents as a vocalist and a musician are incredible. Singing a song titled Madame Trudeau (about the Canadian Prime Minister's wife who ran away with the Rolling Stones... true story), KT was rocking out so hard that by the end she only had 2 strings left on her acoustic guitar. Now that's passion.

She closed the show with a 2 song encore. First up was Black Horse and the Cherry Tree which morphed into a mashup with the White Stripes' 7 Nation Army... involving a kazoo. It was absolutely fantastic:

Finally she sang LCD Soundsystem's New York I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down. I looove that song, and she sang it beautifully. She ended with a final "New York- I love you!" I'm so looking forward to her new album. It's going to be great- keep an eye out for it in September, and if you ever get a chance to see her live, jump on it!

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