hear it: guster & jukebox the ghost

hear it

I saw Guster and Jukebox the Ghost at Beacon Theatre! It was my first time seeing a show there- it's gorgeous! We got a couple beers and headed up to our front row balcony seats. 

I managed to trip going down the stairs and we determined that if I had fallen, I probably would have gone right over the balcony railing, beer and all. "That would have just ruined the whole weekend." Guess it's a good thing I didn't fall.

I wasn't familiar with Jukebox the Ghost, and I was really impressed! They had a bit of an indie-rock/The Bravery vibe, with catchy riffs and a blazing keyboard. I came home and downloaded their 2 albums- loving 'em!

Check out Schizophrenia, Summer Sun, So Let Us Create, The Popular Thing, Hold It In, Lighting Myself on Fire, and Where Are All the Scientists Now? (no, I couldn't  narrow it down more than that). They closed with Donna Lewis' hit I Love You Always Forever, and got the crowd singing. Can't wait to see them again!

I saw Guster back when I was a student at UMass and they paid our campus a visit to do an acoustic show. I've been a fan of theirs for years, and have several of their albums. And yet I definitely didn't realize that there are so many band members! We counted 7 guys, who were all pretty interchangeable among the instruments they had on stage. Between every song they would rotate around the stage, some would leave and others would join those on stage. Despite the unusual formula (or perhaps because of it), they put on an incredible live show. It was a perfect mix of old favorites and new hits, and we danced and sang along to all of it. I've been listening to their new album, Easy Wonderful, for days on end, but was amped when they played oldies like Barrel of a Gun, The Beginning of the End, Hang On (mashed up with Billy Joel's My Life!), Satellite, Diane, Happier and Demons. Such an amazing show!! They closed with an acoustic rendition of Jesus on the Radio and the whole plays shushed enough to hear them without amps or mics. If you get a chance to catch these guys live, go! Was such a fantastic night.

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