friday favorites: august 13

friday favorites

SEE IT: photography I fell for this week
The long exposure photograph above was taken by Phil Hart. The "sea sparkle" is something I've actually seen before-- it's made when bioluminescent organisms are crashed onto the shore with the movement of the waves. (You can also see it by dragging your feet along the shoreline in the damp sand.) Phil specializes in "astrophotography". I also love his shot of the lunar eclipse-- gorgeous!


HEAR IT: songs I downloaded this week
1. My Hero by Paramore (awesome Foo Fighters cover) 2. Small Time Shot Away by Massive Attack 3. Glittering Cloud by Imogen Heap 4. Falling for You by Seabird 5. Forever Young by Youth Group (mellow cover of Jay-Z's track)

WATCH IT: videos I peeped this week that you should too
Thom Yorke performed a new Radiohead song, Give Up the Ghost, at the Big Chill festival last week.

Pomplamoose covers hit songs as indie duets. Their take on MJ's Beat It is pretty stellar.

Upception: a movie trailer mashup using dialogue from Inception and scenes from Up.

Ellen and T-Pain do a duet with auto-tune mics. Silliness. I SO want one of these, by the way... I did some tracks with a DJ friend of mine a while ago with an auto-tune computer program... my rendition of Here Comes the Rain Again didn't sound half bad!


DO IT: things to add to your calendar
If you still need plans for tonight, I'd highly recommend seeing Dragonette at the Bowery Ballroom (tickets are $15). They are a lot of fun. Don't know em? Listen to this.

Summer Streets will be at it again tomorrow, closing down Park Avenue and surrounding streets so people can bike, skate, participate in group fitness classes and swim (yes, swim).

Make out in Times Square tomorrow from 10a-2p to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the famous sailor and nurse kiss! (The famous photo was taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt.)

Last chance to see Picasso at the Met before the exhibit closes on Sunday.

Restaurant week has been extended through September 5th! Check out their listings for sweet deals around the city.

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