friday favorites: april 9

friday favorites

SEE IT: art I fell for this week
I love Jeremyville's NYC posters. They all warrant long stares... and when you look at them a second time you still see something you missed. The one above is my fave, and he has Central Park and SoHo prints as well. He also designs bags, toys, skate decks... his Converse sneakers are hot! I'd so rock a pair.


HEAR IT: songs I downloaded this week
1. Elbow - The Stops 2. A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope 3. 10 Mile Stereo by Beach House 4. Rebellion (Lies) by Arcade Fire 5. Lazarus by the Devlins

FOLLOW IT: blogs I discovered this week
I get overwhelmed with the number of blogs I try to keep up with on a daily. It’s so easy to get lost clicking and clicking through blog rolls and links until you don’t know where you started 90 minutes ago. curates the best in indie design, art and creative blogs to bring you the best of the best. What was lost, now is found. 

I’m in love with Ange’s blog, Every single post of hers has something I want to wear, hang in my room, or share with friends. I’ve been getting so much inspiration for creative projects and home décor!

DO IT: things to add to your to-do list this week

I took a walk in Central Park on Wednesday night and it was beautiful! The magnolias and other flowers are potent and look so pretty. The upcoming week is going to be cooler, but with lots of sunshine- go out and enjoy it. 

Check out Artists and Fleas and the Brookyn Flea this weekend! They've both got tons of vintage and homemade goodness to snap up for you or your friends. Buy some new spring decor for your apartment. It's time to start thinking about Mother's Day, too!

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