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There's a truck named Sugar that parks a block from my office on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from which a cheery Miss wheels and deals delicious cookies, rice crispy treats, and brownies. The sweets are baked in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and the truck is parked at different city locales throughout the week to spread the sugary goodness! Today we had such beautiful weather in the city, so I took a little walk on my lunch break. The line for the Treats Truck was pretty long, but I didn't mind standing for a bit in the sunshine sans jacket. (Besides- the cookies are so worth any wait you could encounter there!Kim Ima, Treats Truck owner/driver extraordinaire, was serving up the sweets today, and I snagged two caramel creme sandwich cookies. They're $1.75 apiece for these babies, but trust me when I say they're ahmaaazing. (I gave one to Brian, and he agrees.) Next time the weather bids you away from your desk or PowerPoint's got you ready to commit computer homicide, check the Treats Truck schedule and get yourself a little pick-me-up!

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