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Everyone knows I love cupcakes! So people are often telling me what they think are the best cupcakes in the city. I ask a lot of questions about the frosting, flavors, bakery location, price... then usually dismiss them and defend my favorite cupcakes. A friend recently told me about Sugar Sweet Sunshine, a cupcakery that I am ashamed to admit I'd never heard of. I dashed down there after work today and I gotta say... they steal the crown for my fave NYC cupcakery, hands down.

Now I didn't come to this decision lightly... the Cupcakery Crown is a serious matter to me. The fact that there's seating and a cozy vibe to the place is definitely a plus. Oftentimes cupcake joints in the city are teeny-weeny and you've barely enough room to slide past the display case and pay for your treats. Being able to order a cup of tea and sit down with your cupcake is pretty fab. 

Next, I'm pretty partial to the vanilla/vanilla breed of cupcakes, but when testing out a new cupcake place, I always get a little variety. You can't judge an entire bakery on the merits of their vanilla cupcakes... so I also got chocolate, pumpkin, and lemon. The other impressive thing to note is the price- just $1.50 per cupcake! That's two cupcakes and some laundry money leftover for the price of one cupcake at most other places in the city.

I got 'em home and decided to take a (big) bite of each one... for judging purposes, of course. The vanilla/vanilla definitely measures up. The chocolate was good, but then again I'm not the biggest chocolate cake fan, so take my opinion on that with a grain of salt. The pumpkin and lemon were amazing! The lemon cake and lemon buttercream had a sharp lemon flavor- not overly sweet, but more like actual lemon. Soo good! (Okay, I took two bites of the lemon...) The pumpkin was perfectly spicy- I'll be getting another of those before the season ends. 

I've definitely found my new go-to cupcakery, and plan to stay for some tea next time. Check 'em out!

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